Following a crushing defeat in battle, an island people are forced into exile by their conquerors. But where can they go? In a dream, the chief envisions hope in the form of a migratory bird that visits their island each year before flying north across an unknown sea. The exiles decide to follow the bird’s path in search of a new home in three double hulled Polynesian canoes.

The story is told from the perspective of one of the crew members. He recounts the story of the Voyagers, their battle with a neighboring tribe and their 28 day trip north across an unknown sea. In a first person narrative, he describes how their canoes are carved, provisioned and how they bid sad farewell to the valley and those who are left behind. With only the stars and the promise of land to guide them, they sail north. But life on the sea is not easy. Fish much be caught for food and rain collected for drinking water. Through windless doldrums and horrific storms they must persevere to find a new home, for there is no turning back.

Against all odds, the voyagers find the volcanic islands of Hawaii. They start the first community on the Big Island in Waipio Valley.

Told through the artwork of Herb Kawainui Kane, declared a “Living Treasure” by the state of Hawaii.

Cast: Dennis Evangelista
Crew: Director
Paul Csige, Producer Lorraine Mecca, Writer Herb Kawainui Kane


Voyagers Official Trailer